The Bard, The Brave, and The Bearded Ft. Patches

The Bard, The Brave and The Bearded ft Patches brings you an epic story with entertaining banter between our DM and our rag tag band of adventurers.

Ep 6: Male Escorts

March 14th, 2017

Biersack has died and our heroes have avenged him.  Our journey continues as we begin our search for the truth of the Keepers and leave South Bend behind.  We have a last encounter with the sheriff and his brother, the mayor.  Join us as we escort Haggis to a new town and introduce some new friends!  Follow us on Podbean and iTunes and please leave a rate and review! It helps us grow our audience!  Follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @bcubedcast for any information regarding the podcast and send us any suggestions!! Give us a shout out at #bcubedcast on Twitter to have your name as an NPC in the podcast!